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Coming April, 2023

The Klean Eating Retreat

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It's Finally Happening...

Klean Eating With Kristy is finally getting it's first ever RETREAT! We will be travelling together to a dream location and attending yoga classes, getting pampered at spas, and cooking together using fresh ingredients from local farmer markets!


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Orange Basket

What's On The Agenda?

Dream Location

TBD- but we are taking suggestions and input from anyone who'd like to go!

Indulgent + Fun Activities

Farmer's markets, cooking classes, a spa day, yoga, luxury restaurants, + more!


Bring a friend, or make new ones! Get support, have fun, and learn together!

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

Making changes of any kind can be hard- but learning something completely new and advocating for yourself when it comes to food is a whole new level of hard. Treat yourself to a retreat, and find your tribe by surrounding yourself with others who are on the same journey as you.