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© Kitchen Confidence is THE online course that teaches you simple, sustainable systems that will eliminate the need for uncertainty and stress in the kitchen and beyond. You know what to do, but I'm here to show you HOW to do it!

© Kitchen Confidence

Klean Eating With Kristy's Signature VIP Program

My most popular and life-changing program just got a face-lift, and is now better than EVER! It's the only course out there that won't ever sell you quick fixes!

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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You know you need simple systems in your life, but just can't seem to get a grip on how to actually implement them?

  • You've tried all the "diets" and meal-prepping programs out there and just can't seem to stay consistent?

  • The thought of trying a new system literally makes you feel sick to your stomach.

  • Busy, difficult, and stressful seasons in your life have you giving up and returning to old habits.

  • You eventually get fed up again, and find yourself searching for the next "quick fix" that will get you back on track?

  • Finding yourself needing support and accountability to keep you consistent emotionally, mentally, and physically?



What is Kitchen Confidence actually like?

Kitchen Confidence is unlike anything you've ever experienced! After 19+ years in her health journey, your coach Kristy created this online 8-week program to completely revolutionize how you think about and approach food. 


How does Kitchen Confidence actually work?

It is an 8-week program that provides you 1:1 support with Kristy each week, video modules to teach you all kinds of new systems, workbooks, recipes to use over and over again, and even a VIP Alumni Support Group that you will have lifetime access to with twice monthly trainings and guest speakers!


Why would Kitchen Confidence be an ideal fit for me?

If you're anything like the majority of the female population in our society, then you KNOW how toxic diet culture can be. In Kitchen Confidence, we teach you to sort through the BS, and implement a system that is tailored to work for YOU without fail- over and over again. A foundation to lean on during all seasons of your life.

You can do all the things


✔️ Eliminate the need to ever count calories, macros, or measure out colored containers ever again!

✔️ Eat out at restaurants with confidence and ease using our Signature Plating Like a Pro System!

✔️ Make healthy and- most importantly- DELICIOUS recipes for you and the whole family using easy and simple ingredients!

✔️ Eliminate food insecurity, recover from emotional eating, and learn to advocate for yourself.

✔️ Get endless support from a group of women just like you, and coaching from experts monthly!

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Ready To Get Started?

We are only working with motivated individuals who are ready to take the next step to cooking meals at home and choosing healthy ingredients.

Please fill out this Application if you are interested and are ready to commit to yourself by learning how to be confident in your own kitchen!

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