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Healthy Holidays Made Easy: Discover These 3 Simple Hacks

Feel healthy this holiday season

December is one of the busiest months of the year, and it doesn’t matter how much we prepare for it, it always seems to take us by surprise!

Unfortunately, that also means our intentions for eating healthy, and exercising goes out the window, or we try to sneak it in when we can.

Rather than hitting December and running around like chickens with our heads cut off, I’ve learned to stay in a rhythm and follow some simple hacks. These hacks allow me to indulge and enjoy but make it through the holidays without derailing my health or gaining a bunch of unwanted weight

Here are 3 SIMPLE hacks to help you stay healthy this holiday season

1. Start your day with a high protein meal, especially if you will be around carbs later at a party or function.

Why focus on protein?

→ Protein keeps you full longer, which means no sugar crash and keeping the cravings at bay for longer.

→ Protein is necessary for weight loss and maintaining muscle mass.

My favorite high protein breakfasts:

Smoothie - 1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup fresh/frozen fruit, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup milk

Omelet - 1 large egg + 2 egg whites, ½ cup sauteed veggies, ½ cup spinach

Cottage cheese - 1 cup low fat cottage cheese, 1 cup fresh/frozen fruit, sprinkle w/ cinnamon

2. Schedule some form of movement everyday. This could be anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes, depending on how much time you have.

DON’T wait until the end of the day. If you want to move your body, you will need to make it a priority. Write it in your calendar/schedule so it becomes part of your day.

My favorite 15-30 minute movements:

Walking - walk around the block, on a treadmill, up and down the stairs

Strength training - choose 1 area of the body (arms, legs, core, butt). If you have dumbbells at home use these. Go ahead and challenge yourself by using a slightly larger weight than you are used to.

Stretching/Yoga - one of the best ways to release stress is to stretch it out. Pull out your yoga mat, set the timer, some soothing music and stretch your beautiful body.

3. Intentionally do something just for you that brings you JOY. Yes, I said it. In this season of busyness and “doing”, stop for a few minutes and do something just for you that makes you happy.

As a recovering people pleaser myself, I understand the constant drive and need to be “doing”.

But what about you? Are you feeling happy? Joyful?

No need to be elaborate here, or be spending hours on yourself. That’s not realistic.

What about sitting with your favorite book and finishing your coffee before it gets cold? Would that put a smile on your face?

Or maybe it’s calling (not texting) a friend and catching up.

Whatever you choose, make it intentional and just for you.

That’s it.

If you can do these 3 simple things everyday, I promise you, you will go into the New Year having prioritized yourself but more importantly, feeling healthy.

If you found this post helpful, share it with someone in your life today.

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