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About Me: Meet Kristy!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Mama. Coach. Friend.

I help women develop the skills they need to lessen the overwhelm in their fridge, consciously make healthy choices, and gain confidence in the kitchen!

I am so happy that you're here, and could not be more excited that you are taking the first steps towards your heal goals– with 18+ years of meal prepping experience myself, I've got you covered.

However, before we get you started on your own health journey, I wanted to take the time to tell you about mine...

From the time I can remember, I struggled with food. Food was the center of our family gatherings growing up. Over time, food became a comfort and also what I turned to when I was bored. The problem was the food I turned to was empty in calories and void of nutritional value. This unhealthy pattern continued through my college years. Challenges like eating in the cafeteria and cooking on a hot plate in my dorm room made me feel like nutrition was out of my control. Kraft dinner, ramen noodles, and late-night fast food were fast, easy, and briefly filled my cravings. I married my college sweetheart at the end of my junior year. But having the ability to shop and cook for myself did not change my eating habits and it was much easier to continue to lean on processed foods. Most weeks, any fresh fruits and vegetables I bought would spoil and need to be thrown out.

I looked to food for comfort again after my oldest daughter was born and my marriage began to dissolve. I went through a divorce and found myself a single working mom. Finances were a struggle, I was depressed and I was thankful to just get through to the end of the week. I found myself lacking in skills to deal with all these life stressors, and found my usual comfort in food.

Sometimes you have an “ah-ha” moment.

Mine happened on my 30th birthday while visiting my brother. I clearly remember standing on his deck, thinking that I did not want to eat like this any longer! Something had to change! I was so unhappy with myself. I was unhappy with the way I felt. I was unhappy with the example I was setting for my daughter.

My first step towards change was going to Barnes and Noble and buying the South Beach Diet and reading the book cover to cover. I made a grocery list and planned my meals for the week; something I had never done before. I was determined! I followed the diet exactly. My budget was tight as a single mom, but I made it a priority to buy all the ingredients for the weekly meal plans.



I immediately started to feel an increase in energy and an improved sense of well-being. I became more comfortable with the whole foods I was using and began the transition to a plant-based diet. I liked the results of this new lifestyle.

That was important: I was starting to see results! The results I was seeing and feeling were a positive reinforcement for me to continue using the meal plans and weekly grocery list. The foods my daughter and I were eating were nourishing and I found the stress related to food preparation was decreasing.


I was able to maintain consistency with a plant-based lifestyle. I found joy in my dedication to my health. Food was no longer my source of comfort but a source of energy and life!

With this energy, I was able to develop a consistent and healthy exercise routine.

However, what I still struggled with was finding a work/life balance. I worked 50+ hours/week and processed foods were creeping back in; just because it was easier! I needed to develop a system for preparing my meals ahead of time to manage my work stress. I went back to the basics that I had started with, beginning with weekly meal planning. I began to incorporate planning and prepping meals as part of my weekly schedule. I started with just dinners. After becoming successful with this over time, I then added lunch and breakfast meals.

I thought I had no extra time to add yet another activity to my calendar as a working mom. I thought for sure meal prep would NOT work for me, because it was going to take up too much of my time. I was wrong! Meal prep was the opposite. Being consistent and dedicated to this new “system” actually freed up more time during the week to spend with my family. Seeing the results helped me to recommit to this system. Meal prep gave me freedom! I can now choose how I want to spend my time instead of stressing over what I will be cooking for dinner, and know that I am making healthy choices for my family.

I cleaned up my past and started teaching women how they can do the same. I watched their results, and satisfaction and confidence increased too!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other women achieve the skills needed to develop nourishing meal plans by teaching them how to manage their time in the kitchen and incorporate clean, whole foods into their diets.

“Meal prep has become such a big part of my life, that I now am passionate about dedicating myself to helping other moms like me solve this very problem in their own lives. I want to provide women with strategies and tools so they can spend time with their family doing things they love instead of stressing over what they will be making for dinner.”

Since then, I’ve worked with many private clients, spoken in front of several groups, and appeared as a guest on podcasts. I am living my dream of helping women, and I have created many different programs, classes, recipes, and courses, including the my signature program, Kitchen Confidence.

Kitchen Confidence is a 6 week program designed to help you organize your kitchen, teach you new time management techniques, and simple routines, as well as introduce you to easy, simple family friendly meals and foods. Every woman needs to establish a solid foundation in her kitchen in order to achieve a successful and consistent meal planning routine.

Now, after being in business for 3 years, I am able to offer 1:1 Coaching, Freezer Meal Prep classes, the Flavor University program, my signature Kitchen Confidence program, VIP Days, and several Meal Plan subscriptions, recipes, video replays, eBooks, and more!

Not only do I love what I do now, I have the knowledge and realistic experiences that many other health coaches do not. I am one of the few who can say- truly- that I have been where you are. So let's chat together about your health goals, and get your time, freedom, and energy back!

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