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 Please read each course description carefully, and if you're not sure which course is right for you, please reach out for a free consultation with me!

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Recent Testimonial(s)

1. What would you say is the biggest difference for you from before you joined Kitchen Confidence to now?

The biggest difference I have noticed is that there is a sense of calm and organization.  It is no longer a mad rush at 4pm to figure out what is for dinner that night! The meal planning has been done and I am ready to go!

2. What were the top 2 things you took away from Kitchen Confidence?

The top 2 take-always were (1) that I can do this and (2)that having a properly stocked pantry and fridge is the first step to successful meal-planning. Kristy breaks everything down in such a logical manner and each week builds upon itself.  It’s the perfect starting point and “gentle nudge” to get out of kitchen chaos and a cycle of scrambling and ordering take-out.

3. If someone was looking into Kitchen Confidence for themselves what would you say to them?

If someone was looking into Kitchen Confidence I would urge them to go for it and give it a try! Especially if you feel overwhelmed or if you feel that you don’t have the time or that you know what you need to do in the kitchen but somehow it goes never goes how you envisioned it, this is the easy first step to re-take your kitchen and create a plan regarding meals and snacks for your family!


4. How has having the freezer meals helped you in your daily life and schedule with your family? 

Freezer Meals have been the absolute best thing that has happened for me and my family! I cannot stress this enough! The stress of planning a yummy and healthy dinner each and every night has been eliminated and I can relax and focus on the rest of my family’s needs like helping with homework and getting everyone where they need to be! I use the slow-cooker for my freezer meals and its so nice that the meal is hot and ready and my family can grab it when they are hungry! The Freezer meals are just such an easy way to have a yummy dinner ready on those busy days!


5. Were you able to use what you learned in Kitchen Confidence in the Freezer Meals class? 

While I do believe that Kitchen Confidence and the Freezer Meals class are 2 stand-alone classes that one could take without the other, it was my experience that Kitchen Confidence gave me the “confidence” to really over-haul the whole way that I meal-plan and cook for my family.  Kitchen Confidence provided me with a set time each week to really focus on a little piece of stream-lining my kitchen routine like the stocked pantry list and also the smoothie bag recipes which we use all the time!

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